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Lymphoedema (a permanent swelling of part(s) of the body) is an underestimated health problem. Often undiagnosed and left untreated, it can considerably reduce quality of life in many ways. Although is cannot be cured, with appropriate treatment, the often distressing physical and psychological symptoms can be vastly improved and controlled.

Causes of Lymphoedema:

  • Cancer or its treatment

  • Injury, infection or surgery

  • Paralysis or limited limb movement

  • Venous/vascular disorders

  • Genetic lymphatic defects

  • Obesity

Benefits of Treatment:

  • A diagnosis and full explanation of your condition

  • An individualised treatment programme of care

  • Control of your swelling and improved comfort

  • Improved range of movement, better posture/gait and greater independence

  • Improved skin condition and less infections

  • Reduced clothing/footwear limitations

  • Increased confidence and self esteem

  • Better quality of life

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